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Uvedení nového brandu, vzkaz od CEO Travelportu

Dnešek je pro Travelport vzrušujícím dnem

Drazí přátelé, vážení uživatelé, je pro nás velkou radostí podělit se s vámi o zbrusu nový brand, který v těchto týdnech postupně zavádíme. Již teď se můžete podívat na nový koncept globálního webu. A co k probíhajícím změnám vzhledu a poslání Travelportu říká CEO Greg Webb? Hi there, While the past year has been tough for the industry, Travelport made the decision in 2020 to double down on our efforts to reinvent the future of travel. Today, we are launching a symbol of that commitment: a new brand that reflects our vision for the future. We believe change is for the brave; and it is bravery – the courage to try new things, embrace creative solutions, and challenge convention – that will enable Travelport and its partners to overcome recent events, accelerate industry recovery, and build a better tomorrow. As we embark on our bold new journey, we are committed to improving the connection between buyers and sellers who share our passion for delivering exceptional travel experiences. We have been investing in a ground-up rebuilding of our technology. In the coming months, we will introduce our next-generation platform designed to enable more content, better retailing and the best value in the marketplace, which we believe will have an immediate, positive impact on your business. There are bright spots on the horizon. We see a clear increase in bookings as growing consumer confidence releases pent-up demand for travel six or more months out. On a personal note, I fully intend to be a shining example of the return of both business and leisure travel.  We will not be satisfied simply recovering from the last year – we are building for a future in which we and our customers exceed the expectations we had before they were interrupted. We look forward to working with you towards a future of limitless promise. Sincerely, Greg Webb, CEO Travelport


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