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Teribear charity sports event from 16 Sep 2021 🐻 Mark your calendars!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Dear friends,

there's no better activity in mid September than to do something good for your health. Every year, we start the Teribear charity sports event together, and this year it won't be just about walking and running, but you can also use your bicycle.

Let's start off together also this year. Last time we enjoyed Prague's Stromovka park so let's meet up there again. This time you can also look forward to some BBQ. Yes, this is about getting to move more and to help those in need but we haven't met offline for such a long time so we need to catch up a bit before, during and after the performance and have a bite of something good.

Some of you already know about Teribear but if you don't, you will find all the details in English at WWW.TERIBEAR.CZ

Anyone can join so you can help from anywhere around the globe. Kilometers are collected virtually through the Strava app. It's totally up to you when, where and with whom you'll go for a walk, a run, or on a bicycle. Us at Travelport Czech Republic and Slovakia start off together and we collect kilometers as a team. If you don't create your own team, join ours. Simply use our team's code 7LXOYO when registering.

If you happen to be in Prague, Czech republic on Thursday 16 September, let's meet up in the Stromovka park. If not, join us virtually and let's get moving together! 💪

Thank you and run with you soon 👋

Your Travelport



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